OCAPI-Proxy v2.1.0

OCAPI-Proxy v2.1.0


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OCAPI-Proxy v2.1.0

  • UI Fixes - Method and Headers now available to set.
  • Updated Optional UI - no auto spawn browser instance.
  • CORS support



This proxy server originally started as a web to test proxied calls to an SFCC instance. I have decided to enhance this by coupling small UI to help with testing. If you are using Proxy in production please feel free to contact me on its usages or suggestions and upgrades.

Base Features include:

  • Proxying calls to an SFCC interface.
  • Auto generation of default config file on installation.
  • Configuration of Proxy(8080) and UI(80) ports defaulting.
  • Google Analytic tagging by config.json.
  • Logging now happens in logs subdirectory.
  • Sample Postman Suite(more samples to follow)

npmjs.com/package/ocapi-proxy github.com/johnfacey/ocapi-proxy