OCAPI-Proxy v2.1.4

OCAPI-Proxy v2.1.4


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OCAPI-Proxy v2.1.4

npmjs.com/package/ocapi-proxy github.com/johnfacey/ocapi-proxy


This project serves as a Node.js based proxy server that will forward requests to an Salesforce Commerce Cloud OCAPI instance. This can be used for purposes such as testing 3rd party apps using OCAPI as well as integration for mobile/browser apps.

Feel free to use this as a middleware solution or build your own middleware on top of it for your needs.


I have worked on many OCAPI projects and learned that this was a great way to test OCAPI calls as well a way to do more Node.js integrations with the Salesforce Platform.

User Interface - OCAPI-Proxy

Base Features include:

Proxying calls to an SFCC interface. Auto generation of default config file on installation. Configuration of Proxy(8080) and UI(80) ports default. Universal Google Analytics tagging by config.json. Extensive logging. Sample Postman Suite included. NPM deployable.

Sample Postman Suite

npmjs.com/package/ocapi-proxy github.com/johnfacey/ocapi-proxy