Kindle Vella

A New Way to Read Serialized Stories


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Kindle Vella is a new Amazon program that allows readers to enjoy serialized stories uniquely and engagingly. Kindle Vella stories are released in episodes, similar to a TV show, and readers can purchase tokens to unlock episodes as they are released. This allows readers to get hooked on a story and follow it along as it unfolds, and it also gives authors a new way to connect with their readers and earn royalties.

What are Kindle Vella tokens?

Kindle Vella tokens are a digital currency that can be used to purchase episodes of Kindle Vella stories. Tokens can be purchased in bundles of 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000. The number of tokens required to unlock an episode is determined by the episode's word count. For example, a 1000-word episode would require 10 tokens to unlock.

How to use Kindle Vella tokens

Kindle Vella tokens can be purchased and redeemed in the Kindle app or on the web. To purchase tokens, go to the Kindle Vella store and click on the "Buy Tokens" button. To redeem tokens, go to the Kindle Vella library and click on the "Unlock" button next to the episode you want to read.

What are the benefits of using Kindle Vella tokens?

There are several benefits to using Kindle Vella tokens. First, it allows readers to read Kindle Vella stories without having to pay a monthly subscription fee. Second, it allows readers to control how much they spend on Kindle Vella stories. Third, it allows readers to earn Faves, which are badges that can be used to show support for their favorite authors.

How to earn Faves

Readers can use Faves to crown their favorite Kindle Vella stories of the week. The stories with the most Faves will be featured in the Kindle Vella store.

How to get started with Kindle Vella

To get started with Kindle Vella, simply download the Kindle app or go to the Kindle Vella website. Once you have created an account, you can start browsing Kindle Vella stories and purchasing tokens.

Kindle Vella is a great way to read serialized stories and support new authors. Using Kindle Vella tokens is a convenient and affordable way to unlock episodes and earn Faves. I encourage you to give Kindle Vella a try and see for yourself how much you enjoy it!

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